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TeamHealth Medical Call Center Forms Clinical Advisory Committee

May 24, 2013 (KNOXVILLE, TN) -TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC), a premier provider of 24-hour nurse triage and nurse advice lines, announces its newly formed Clinical Advisory Committee. The 10-person committee, comprising physician, nursing and administrative leaders, provides clinical expertise to advance THMCC’s purpose of providing safe, quality and cost-effective services for hospital clients, physician clients and patients….
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Patient Experience Initiative Enhances Delivery of Healthcare Services

By Michelle Holztrager, RN

Ten months ago, THMCC enhanced our Customer Experience Program TeamCARE, which is a patient experience initiative to improve and enhance the delivery of healthcare and customer service to patients, clients and peers! The initiative includes several key components:

  • Award points/prizes for meeting specified criteria
  • Viewing customer service videos and completing corresponding quiz
  • Reading Customer Service Modules and completing customer service exercises
  • A Customer Service Slogan contest
  • Quarterly customer service, client and team focused events
  • A monthly client focus
  • A monthly THMCC newsletter

Quantitative and observable results have been quite impressive. During the first quarter of 2013, THMCC  had no customer service complaints.  In addition, our compliments have increased by 25% from 2011 to 2012. To date, all THMCC employees have either completed or are working toward completion of our TeamCARE competency program. Observable and no less impactful, has been unprecedented teamwork and collaboration, an upbeat, positive atmosphere and an increase in common acts of kindness!

The bottom line to a successful patient experience/customer service campaign is self- awareness, coaching and mentoring, open communication, setting expectations and holding each other accountable. This trickle-down effect can’t be achieved without the buy-in and sincere participation from top level management on down. Management involvement has encouraged employee involvement, employee initiative and participation. The best part is that we all benefit from a supportive, thoughtful and gratifying atmosphere!

To guard against the pitfall of complacency, a patient experience committee was formed to elicit fresh ideas and engage the staff. I don’t view this as a program but an integral part of our everyday interactions formed out of habit to treat everyone, every day with dignity and respect regardless of our circumstances.


Michelle Holtztrager, TeamHealth Medical Call Center Leadership, Director of Education and Staff Development

Michelle Holztrager, RN

Michelle Hoztrager, RN, is the Director of Education and Staff Development for TeamHealth Medical Call Center. She has twenty-five years of senior management experience in healthcare.

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THMCC to Introduce Hospital Call Center Partnership Program at Conference

TeamHealth Medical Call Center is presenting its Hospital Call Center Partnership Program at The 25th Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers in Minneapolis scheduled from June 5-7, 2013.  The TeamHealth Hospital Call Center Partnership program is designed to support in-house hospital call centers during times of high call volume overflow, select hours that are difficult to staff, such as 11pm – 7am, and select call types.  In addition, the partnership program supports hospital call centers, either as an interim or permanent solution, to add new services lines, such as nurse triage and patient engagement programs.

Hospital Call Center Partnership GuideContact Jeanne Griffin, Director of Business Development, at 865.985.7303 or, if you would like to schedule an appointment to learn more about the program.

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Incorporate Health Coaching to Manage High Risk Patient Readmission

by Kandi Qualls, PhD

In the United States, we spend $25 billion a year on hospital readmissions that are deemed “preventable.”  Many hospital systems have identified diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and coronary artery disease, as the top high risk readmission conditions.  These preventable readmissions are largely driven by poor discharge procedures and inadequate follow-up care.  Across all insured patients, the hospital readmission rate is 11% and the rate for Medicare patients it is 13%.  By focusing on two of the primary drivers, patient self-management and adequate follow-up, we can effectively reduce and manage hospital readmissions and create effective readmission prevention programs.

Self-management and adequate follow-up ensure that each patient is educated about their condition; knows how to manage their medication; and is aware of what lifestyle behaviors positively and negatively affect their condition.  These management skills have been implemented at the time of discharge or with the patient’s first call immediately following discharge.  Implementation of health coaching to improve self-management and reduce the risk for hospital readmissions is a cost effective strategy to address this issue.

Health coaching is an art and a science, incorporated to bring about positive lifestyle changes.  When a patient is discharged, an RN trained in health coaching methods can assist the patient in making a follow-up appointment with their primary care provider. An RN can also provide guidance on medication adherence; assess the patients’ health status to identify problem areas; and assist the patient in setting lifestyle goals to prevent their condition from worsening to reduce risk of readmission.

TeamHealth Medical Call Center takes the pressure of health coaching off of the provider by recruiting RNs who demonstrate a talent for telehealth coaching and training them in techniques that result in success. Our RN’s are dedicated to coaching. Therefore, our patient experience programs ensure that each patient has a positive and rewarding experience.  As an organization, TeamHealth Medical Call Center works collaboratively with the provider and can interface with the health system’s EMR to efficiently document patient success.  Along with collaboration, we also gather and evaluate patient base data to identify gaps and strategies that will comprehensively improve patient success.  Our focus on providing comprehensive follow-up and patient self-management provides the best investment for health promotion and meaningful data evaluation. It is an investment that provides an ROI for the patient, nurses, providers and the entire health care system.

(References: US Department of Health and Human Services, 2012-2013 and National Quality Forum, 2011)

Kadi Qualls, Wellness Coach

Kandi Qualls, PhD

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