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TeamHealth Expands Anesthesia Staffing Services to Nebraska

(KNOXVILLE, Tenn.) Dec 20, 2013 – TeamHealth Holdings Inc. (NYSE:TMH), one of the nation’s largest providers of outsourced physician staffing solutions for hospitals, announced the acquisition of the operations of Professional Anesthesia Services, LLP.  Read More…

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On the Cutting Edge of Nurse Telephone Triage Quality

by Teresa Pelizzari, RN, MSN

Telephone Nurse Triage quality scoring in a medical call center is unique to the healthcare industry because it involves a record review, a patient survey and a listening audit of a telephone call encounter.  TeamHealth Medical Call Center has a team of registered nurses that do our quality monitoring of clinical staff. We use inter-rater reliability scoring to give consistency to the results on our monitoring scores.  At its most basic, inter-rater reliability scoring means that our quality team looks at the data, listens to the calls, then debates and agrees on the final evaluation.

Non-biased group evaluation of our monitoring tools is possible because we use listening audit templates for nurses and patient coordinators. This to provide a consistent customer experience and allows us to group categories together for benchmarking. Our listeners listen to the same calls and score them individually, discussing calls afterwards and noting why we may have obtained different scores, further clarifying our auditing roles. This internal process allows us to report a 90% consistency among the audits.

We’ve been in business for over 17 years and our experience has been that inter-rater reliability scoring provides us with strong benchmarking capabilities and ensures that any areas not meeting standards or requiring improvement are found quickly and can be addressed. We have likewise noted steady improvement in all areas of auditing.  As our services continue to grow, inter-rater reliability scoring will continue to identify additional needs for expanded auditing.

TeamHealth Medical Call Center is the premier provider of Nurse Telephone Triage Services in the country.  For more information, call 866-203-1118 or download our Hospital Partnership Guide.


Teresa Pelizzari, TeamHealth Medical Call Center Leadership, VP of Quality and Process Improvement

Teresa Pelizzari, RN, MSN

Teresa Pelizzari, RN, MSN, is the Vice President of Quality Assurance for TeamHealth Medical Call Center.