Our Culture

TeamHealth Medical Call Center is a clinically focused, physician-driven organization that is committed to exceptional patient care, quality, and efficiency. Our Nurse Triage, Patient Engagement and Post Discharge services provide the expertise required to promote the high standard of excellence our clients desire to achieve.

  • Integrity – TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC) values the high standards and reputations of our clients, as well as the trust that our clients place in our services to represent them with quality and compassion. THMCC strives to support and embrace the standards of practice and values of our individual clients as we act as an extension of their care team. We seek to maintain the highest level of integrity in all of our actions.
  • Support – Our culture of value extends to our staff and the important services they provide for our clients. TeamHealth Medical Call Center is dedicated to the support and empowerment of our staff to ensure that they excel as service providers and have opportunities to develop their skills and advance in their careers.
  • Patient Experience – We value every caller as an individual who deserves a clinically correct and caring response from our staff to ensure that they view the encounter as a positive experience that adds value to their relationship with the client. A positive patient experience is our measurable value to our clients.

Successful Long-Term Partnerships

TeamHealth Medical Call Center establishes a strategic partnership with each of our valued clients. Our Strategic Account Managers work alongside the client and offer superior customer support. We enjoy getting to know our clients and their expectations. To guide our client partnerships, we adhere to a Clients for Life® approach to client services. This approach means that we are intentional about building strong relationships, understanding our clients’ needs, and staying on the forefront of industry trends and new service offerings.

  • Relationships – Our Strategic Account Managers build rapport and trust with our clients through consistent, timely communication. They bring a diverse background and knowledge to the relationship and value each client partner as a member of the team.
  • Client Expectations – We believe the number one way to be sure we meet our client’s expectations is to ask them what they want. It sounds simple, but we know that listening is often forgotten in many business relationships. We listen. At our Annual Partnership Meeting with each client, we take time to listen to the client’s needs and expectations, strategic long-term goals, and discuss how we can be a part of the solution.
  • Industry Trends – Healthcare changes quickly and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of our clients. Leveraging our industry knowledge and strong computer and telephony platforms, we are perfectly positioned to not only meet the next wave of change, but to be ahead of it. Our clients count on us to partner with them to meet their regulatory, quality, and information technology needs related to call center services.


Dedicated Strategic Account Managers

Our dedicated strategic account managers work directly with the TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC) management team to provide leadership and ensure overall quality and responsiveness in all THMCC endeavors. Each client has an assigned Strategic Account Manager who works directly with the client to ensure that practice and clinical goals and objectives are met. The account managers ensure that all physician profiles and client data are consistently updated and that client reports are customized to meet each physician’s or practice’s needs. Additionally the account managers provide support with any special quality assurance projects and return on investment initiatives.

“TeamHealth did my work for me. I had to present data showing the ROI and how the triage service worked for our organization. The TeamHealth reports were awesome and I loved how the reports went from the biggest point of information down to more granular information.”

– Internationally recognized academic medical center, with a commitment to putting Patients First

Call Center Staff, Our Star Performers

Registered Nurses and Patient Coordinators – TeamHealth Medical Call Center realizes that the quality of our service begins with highly qualified staff that are carefully selected by our management and Human Resources team through a formal process. Our Director of Education and Staff Development rigorously tests every applicant to ensure that we are hiring caring and competent individuals who will be committed to excellent service. TeamHealth Medical Call Center’s all RN staff completes compliance training on an annual basis. TeamHealth Medical Call Center values and nurtures our esteemed staff as they value and provide caring and important services to our clients and their patients. We look for every opportunity to recognize and honor staff as our clients acclaim them for excellent service.

RN and Patient Coordinator Training – The TeamHealth Medical Call Center is committed to ensure an engaging, comprehensive and quality training period for our Patient Coordinators and our RN staff, under the leadership of our Director of Education and Staff Development. Our orientation programs are well planned and executed, interactive in style to encourage participation, and provide a thorough understanding of our expectations for customer service as well as the navigation of our software.

TeamHealth places a high value on our ability to represent individual client culture in both our clinical and non-clinical orientation. Our high level of service excellence and clinical standards are woven throughout all the elements of our training programs. Progressive ongoing training programs are in place to ensure continued levels of high performance, orient staff to new clients and build new skills. The TeamHealth corporate training department creates dynamic multi-media continuing education programs that stay abreast on current health information and practice standards.