The Corporation

TeamHealth was founded in 1979 with a vision of developing the best teams of healthcare professionals in the country. With the relentless pursuit to advance patient care through strong leadership, innovation and teamwork, we are proud to say that 39 years later we have made great strides towards our goals.

The impressive growth of TeamHealth should come as no surprise to hospitals and clinicians aware of our reputation for efficiency and commitment to excellence and collaboration.

Originally founded to provide emergency department administrative and staffing services, TeamHealth is one of the nation’s largest providers of hospital-based clinical outsourcing in multiple departments, including Anesthesia, Hospital Medicine, in addition to Emergency Medicine. Although we are a national organization, our operating philosophy is essentially the same as when we started. TeamHealth is committed to a patient centric model of healthcare delivery with hospitals, physician groups and TeamHealth working collaboratively to deliver compassionate, effective, efficient and safe patient care.

TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC), a division of TeamHealth, was founded in 1996 in response to its network of primary care clinics’ need to provide 24-hour call coverage.  THMCC’s vision was and remains to provide the highest level of clinical quality and customer service.

The services offered by THMCC are designed to deliver one-source expertise in clinical and non-clinical inbound and outbound call models and to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ call center needs—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our large and diversified customer base includes health plans, hospitals, more than 10,000 physicians in group practices, home health agencies, government agencies, and other medical call centers in need of outsourcing nurse triage, physician after hours, post discharge calls, and patient experience services.

TeamHealth Founder and Executive chairman, Lynn Massingale MD, who won the Ernest and Young 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Southeast Region in the Services Category, talks about the keys to TeamHealth’s success in the videos below.

Video Hear the TeamHealth story through the first-person perspectives of our founders.

Hear the TeamHealth story through the first-person perspectives of our founders..


 Video | Dr. Lynn Massingale | The roles physicians play at TeamHealth

Dr. Lynn Massingale talks about the roles physicians play at TeamHealth.