Our commitment to technology is supported by our Information Technology (IT) team of over 100 IT professionals who are dedicated to creating the best solutions for our services and meeting the objectives of our clients with superior performance. We are committed to staying abreast of the advances in technology and regulations as we advise our clients on information exchanges. TeamHealth’s IT experience, with over 300 different EMR interfaces and a broad scope of clients with varying complexity, makes us the best choice as a technology partner in healthcare.

TeamDoc Mobile

TeamDoc Mobile is TeamHealth Medical Call Center’s new integrated, mobile friendly web app that allows direct nurse to physician secure messaging. Because TeamDoc Mobile is integrated into our Triage System, patient information can be instantly displayed to the physician who has the ability to respond appropriately at that point of contact. TeamDoc Mobile facilitates fast, easy physician access to critical patient information without the additional step of speaking with a triage nurse. Secure messaging grants efficient communication between the physician and triage nurse without any wait time.

TeamDoc Mobile logoKey features for physicians:

  • Fast, easy and secure access to messages
  • Displays patient information and symptoms
  • Eliminates need to return calls to triage nurse
  • ‘One-click’ call handling; physicians can auto-select:
    • agree with the disposition
    • message the nurse
    • call the nurse
    • call the patient
  • Physician Caller ID is hidden when calling patient
  • Current and archived messages available for viewing
  • Streamlined workflow

TeamDoc Mobile is a completely integrated mobile friendly web app and works with all mobile devices as a web interface. Additionally, THMCC’s Triage System documents physician responses, closing the documentation loop. Ultimately, TeamDoc Mobile significantly reduces response times, call times and processing times for both physicians and nurses.

IntefleCS Triage Documentation System

The IntefleCS triage documentation system is designed to facilitate a user friendly and intuitive triage process that is as error-free and efficient as possible for our nursing staff as well as for callers and clients. By using scripting and directives embedded in the system, we drive protocols, orders, and patient and call alerts that are specifically customized to each client’s requested criteria. We can also integrate practice specific standing medication orders based on caller symptoms and send those orders to the indicated pharmacies. We recognize the need to meet our clients’ standards of practice for their patients.

Interactive Telephone System

TeamHealth Medical Call Center utilizes the Interactive Intelligence Telephony System through Adapt. This system includes voice mail, automated call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities and much more.