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The Startling Impact of Appropriate Utilization

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Could This Easy-to-Implement Service/Benefit Help to Prevent Physician Burnout and Improve Your Physician Recruiting Success?

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Return on Respite, A Physician’s Story of After- Hours Nurse Triage

For many years I took my own calls at night. I would try to take notes, but realized the next morning that I not only did not take very good notes when I was just awakened from REM sleep, but I had very poor memory of the call. Not only…

On Target with Triple Aim

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Is Your Consultant Empathetic to Your Needs?

In terms of delivering high-quality, cost-effective healthcare, most people would agree that 2015 is going to be a very complicated year and many organizations are going to rely on consultants to help them be successful. Every day dozens of potential solutions are offered for overcoming healthcare delivery challenges, and one solution repeatedly suggested is that of a medical call center. Many organizations do not possess the internal expertise to effectively implement and operate this type of access to care…