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TeamHealth’s Telephone Nurse Triage – A Case of Saving Lives One Call at a Time

TeamHealth Medical Call Center contracts with a large teaching hospital to provide a telephone nurse triage option when callers call the ED. We recently received feedback from a 57 year old female caller who called us with chest pain and vomiting, stating she thought it was only a virus. This is what she said…

Can Healthcare Systems Really Build Life-long Patient Relationships?

Building life-long patient / health system relationships is a complex process in today’s environment of shorter hospital stays and increased outpatient services. It requires on-going consistent efforts and hardwired behavior over the full spectrum of provider settings and interactions. Today, the patient is moving between various outpatient service providers and there is less time and opportunity to form those bonding personal relationships. To further complicate the process, the patient is now tasked to be empowered and responsible for their own healthcare! This empowerment may lead to fear, frustration, and ultimately healthcare shopping to find the provider who delivers the most support.

What is The Vital Link to Successful Managed Care?

Patient access to appropriate care and advice is a top priority for meeting managed care initiatives. Without medical advice, a new mom may make an unnecessary trip to the ED when her toddler has a fever at 2 am. Read More

Patient Empowerment, Passing the Baton

Are physicians ready to deem their patients competent to make decisions about their healthcare, and are patients willing to take the responsibility?

What Makes an Excellent Tele-Triage Nurse?

Michelle Hoztrager, RN, discusses the qualities of an excellent tele-triage nurse.