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Could This Easy-to-Implement Service/Benefit Help to Prevent Physician Burnout and Improve Your Physician Recruiting Success?

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Screening for Suicide Risk in the Primary Care Setting

Understanding and Screening for Risk of Suicide in the Primary Care Setting has the potential to play a key role in revolutionizing how individuals at risk of suicide gain access to appropriate services.

The wildest time ever in American health care

The Bangor Daily News printed an article by Dr. Erik Steele on Oct. 24, 2013 entitled “The wildest time ever in American healthcare.”

Considering Partnerships with Federally Qualified Health Centers

Health systems that are seeking to provide greater value to their communities should consider collaborating with federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), given the special legal and financial status of these organizations and their experience treating populations with complex needs.

Shifting Patients to Appropriate Care

Fierce Healthcare published a thought provoking article titled “Why Poorer Patients Prefer Hospital Care.”