By Teresa Pelizarri, RN, MSN

As a national outsourced medical call center representing some of the most prestigious organizations in the country, TeamHealth Medical Call Center is committed to unsurpassed service quality. To obtain comprehensive audits on the large volume of calls that we take monthly, we invested in the resources to develop an automated system that provides 100% documentation auditing on the pertinent elements of every call based on our quality standards.

In 2010, our in-house information technology department developed MCCCAMS, a TeamHealth proprietary auditing tool that documents listening and triage record audits and generates reports. One of our “must-haves” was the ability to track and trend listening audits through time according to three data groups: for the call center as a whole; for each nurse; and for the separate call-quality elements. We now conduct monthly listening audits using MCCCMS, which compiles the results to identify issues and trends.

Armed with the MCCCAMS reports, supervisors meet with the individual nurses to discuss their scores on the quality of the various call elements that are grouped under the following categories:

  • Communication (between nurse and caller)
  • Nursing advice
  • Documentation
  • Job knowledge

The call elements are “graded” using numeric scores and colors: green = “meets standards;” yellow = “needs improvement;” and red = “does not meet standards.” Any score with a red color code is immediately addressed with an action plan.

A robust call auditing system enables us to quickly identify and address performance issues with individual nurses or the entire call center and to identify our call center’s actionable items to continually improve the call process. We obtain a clear picture of where additional training might be needed, and our nurses can view their performance at a glance and know immediately where they need improvement and where they’ve improved.

Call auditing in a manner that allows us to constantly improve our services means that we can offer our clients tangible assurance that we have a comprehensive quality program in place. By developing our own audit tool, we are able to customize, refine and add or remove elements as needed to both meet changes in our processes and the needs of our clients.


Teresa Pelizzari, TeamHealth Medical Call Center Leadership, VP of Quality and Process Improvement

Teresa Pelizzari, MS, RN, BC

Teresa Pelizarri, RN, MSN, is the Vice President of Quality and Risk Management for TeamHealth Medical Call Center.