Health Plan Triage

A nurse advice line is the first point of access to help your health plan members find the most appropriate in-network care or get the information and support that they need for self- care. TeamHealth Medical Call Center provides a warm welcoming point of access for your members.

  • Members access 24/7 Nurse Advice Line for symptom assessment or health information using evidenced based triage guidelines and health topic information.
  • Health information written at low literacy levels emailed to members.
  • Members are referred to the most appropriate level of in-network care.
  • Provide street by street directions to in-network providers.
  • 63% of callers who would have gone to the ED are referred to a lower level of care.
  • Identify and enroll members into your DM programs.
  • Web-based self-triage module option empowers members to receive advice for minor symptoms without having to talk to a nurse.
  • Meaningful reports on member health provide actionable data and demonstrate ROI.