Online Healthcare Tools

Direct Patients to Your Website

Enhance your practice website, encourage use of patient portals, and promote patient health through comprehensive branded online health information approved by your practice and hosted by TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC). More and more patients and caregivers are searching for health information online. However, not all online information is accurate and, in the hands of patients, the surplus of health information can be misunderstood or hazardous. Make sure that your patients have access to evidenced based, understandable clinical advice and health information that is consistent with current medical practices, and has been approved by you.Online health information / self-triage / symptom inquirer THMCC offers two individual programs to serve your patients: Health Information for the non- symptomatic patient; and Symptom Enquirer for the symptomatic patient.

Website Health Information

  • Patient-centric Ambulatory Care Health Information covers most medical specialties including Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB and Orthopedics
  • Over 3,000 titles
  • Medication information
  • Well-Child information
  • Available in easy-to-read documents written at the fourth grade level as well as standard eight grade level
  • One hundred diabetic related topics
  • Colorful illustrations with bulleted instructions and short sentences
  • Gender specific
  • Multiple languages
  • Last reviewed dates are displayed in document footer

Online Symptom Enquirer

  • Symptom enquirer give patients access to online self-triage program
  • Evidenced-based algorithm tool quickly and effectively analyzes a user’s symptoms and provides safe advice
  • Provides a timely response for patients for minor symptoms
  • Real time inquiry transmission allows you to follow up with patient, if required
  • Increases patient satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing you endorse this convenient information tool.
  • Cost effective safe way to reduce patient calls for minor problems
  • Directs patients to make appointments when symptoms indicate this is best option