Can You trust a Medical Call Center to Triage Your Patient Calls?

If you are considering a medical call center to provide nurse triage and are concerned about quality, we invite you to attend our Webinar, High Quality in an Outbound Telephone Triage Model.

The TeamHealth Acuity Management System (AMS) is a key component of our outbound telephone nurse triage call service that currently supports 4,000+ physicians across the country. As an integral part of our call process, the AMS provides the following benefits:

  • Calls are handled based on acuity, rather than chronological order.
  • Nurses are more available to respond to urgent calls.
  • Nurses are able to spend their time on the clinical component of the call, rather than taking demographic information or accessing a database.
  • Reports are generated on callback times by acuity.

We are presenting the TeamHealth Acuity Management System on Thursday, November 15th from 11:30am-12:30pm EST; Monday, November 19th from 3pm-4pm EST and Thursday, December 6th from 3:00am – 4:00pm EST. Please click here if you would like to register for this event or if you would like to be contacted about future webinars.