HOUSTON – The wrath of Hurricane Harvey may be over, but the aftermath will ensue for years.

The TeamHealth Medical Call Center’s dedicated team of registered nurses worked around the clock to provide clinical care to the patients of our valued healthcare partners effected by the fury of Harvey.

  • THMCC provided constant access to care for 144 healthcare organizations, physician groups, FQHCs, and private practices in the greater Houston area.
  • More than 150 RNs were ready and willing to be on the phones to ensure patient and provider needs were being met during this devastating time.
  • People forced to evacuate to one Houston shelter were offered our nurse triage phone number if they desired clinical advice. We treated each caller with compassion and did our best to help them attain the care they required.
  • The value of telephone nurse triage during a natural disaster is immeasurable. We assured our clients – “be safe – don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.” During the height of the storm, THMCC nurses cared for more than 5,600 patients in a 48-hour time frame.

There are multiple accounts of how THMCC assisted patients and providers. In one case, a fellow nurse working on a Houston disaster team told us she had been there for 15 hours when she realized her young son did not have any of the medication he takes daily for his ADD. Normally, THMCC would not handle issues involving controlled medications; however, given the circumstances, the nurse paged the on-call physician who was very understanding and helpful in getting the medications for the young boy. This courageous nurse and mother was very appreciative to receive the help from the physician and THMCC triage nurse. On several occasions, she expressed how busy she and the other care providers were while working at a local Houston hospital. She kept saying, “It’s so bad. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen. Please pray for us.” The THMCC triage nurse was extremely touched that she helped resolve a fellow caregiver’s issue several states away.

One particularly defining moment occurred when a pregnant, Spanish-speaking family called their physician in a panic. The family of four was unable to evacuate and the wife/mother had gone into the final stages of labor. The call was forwarded to a THMCC triage nurse, who successfully paged the on-call physician for assistance. Unfortunately, the physician did not speak fluent Spanish; however, the charge nurse was able to connect the doctor with the husband on a conference call, and one of THMCC’s bilingual nurses translated vital care advice to the family. A healthy baby was delivered successfully at home a short time later, and both mother and child are doing fine today.

The magnitude of the moment and the situation was not lost on THMCC staff. The nurse was temporarily overcome with emotion, but quickly returned to the phones and continued assisting other callers.

Two weeks after the events in Houston unfolded, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on Florida. The impact is still in the early stages of being assessed, but once again, the TeamHealth Medical Call Center is ready and able to assist our valued healthcare partners as needs arise. For THMCC partners in hurricane-prone areas like Houston and Florida, having a safe, secure call center to provide support is invaluable.

The TeamHealth Medical Call Center is the premier provider of medical call center solutions. For additional information on THMCC’s efforts in Houston, or to learn more about the variety of healthcare call center solutions we provide, please call 888.203.1118 or email thmcc_info@teamhealth.com.