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Outsourcing a nurse telephone triage line might be the single best thing you can do for your medical practice from a patient’s perspective as well as from a physician’s. Creating an in-house call center is expensive, but there is no doubt that medical call center services are extremely helpful and needed in today’s healthcare environment. Here are three important benefits of outsourcing a nurse telephone triage line that provide a return on investment.

 Patient Retention – A nurse triage line or nurse advice line gives your patients fast, direct access to healthcare support and information. We live in a world of instant access and immediate gratification and although there is a lot of good information on the internet, there’s a lot of bad as well. Giving your patients instant access to medical advice says that you value your relationship with them.

 Physician Recruitment – The number of physicians leaving medicine is increasing and this can in part be attributed to long hours and little time off. A nurse triage telephone line is proven benefit both in the recruitment and retainment of primary and specialty care physicians.

 Physician quality of life – Physicians who utilize nurse triage and advice services are able to relax during their off hours even when they’re on call. You know that your patient’s questions and concerns are being answered by trained RNs who uphold your standards of care, leaving you refreshed to care for patients during office hours.

A nurse telephone triage line can be utilized as little or much as necessary. For example, it can be used primarily on weekends, if the physicians want to cover week nights or it can be used during the week to cover call overflow. Outsourced triage services should be flexible and designed to meet the needs and timing of the physician client. Whether or not you’re ready to jump in, it’s important to explore this service offering and how its implementation can benefit your practice.


TeamHealth Medical Call Center offers a free consultation with physician practices exploring a nurse triage line. Let us tell how your specific practice can benefit from a nurse triage telephone line. Call Karen Brown, RN at 865-985-7304 or click here.

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith